Volunteer News Reporters needed

Somnium Times is looking for volunteer News Reporters and Article Writers.

Reporting to: Editor Marc Demar.
Contract: No contract. Submission of articles is voluntary. The more the better of course, but a minimum of one article per week would be appreciated.
Hours: Self-paced.
Eligibility Criteria: The only criterium is that you need to be an active Somnium Space member, love to write and would love to help bringing the news via Somnium Times. You may report on many different topics including but not limited to Finance, Tech, Business, Art, Culture, Fashion, Entertainment, Games, Gossip, Crime, Tutorials. Have a look at the Somnium Times site to get an idea.
Expenses: Initially no reimbursements. However, very active reporters who consistently deliver high quality articles may be promoted to ‘author’ in due time. There are some considerations to pay authors for their articles in the future.

Somnium Times background

At Somnium Times we believe that everyone should have a voice and an audience. By bringing in-world news we aim to inspire growth and positive change in Somnium and beyond.

Also, at Somnium Times we have the conviction that everything that happens in Somnium Space is real. Even though the world itself is virtual, its events have a direct, real life impact on the people who roam it.

Every single day new stories are created. And new memories are formed. At Somnium Times we want to capture some of those.

We need your help to do so.

How to apply

DM @marcdemar on Discord.

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