10 reasons why you want to join Somnium Space

Somnium Space had its official launch on February 20th, 2020. That’s very recent, but it already feels long ago. Much has happened since then. Many people uploaded buildings to parcels throughout the world, records were broken (e.g. when member Carlos La Borde spent 12 hours in Somnium Space) and people witnessed the dawn of the true Metaverse during the Educators in VR 2020 Final Event.

And much more. Not a day has passed without a new highlight.

Even though not many days have passed since launch, we figured it was time to ask members one simple question: Why should people join Somnium Space?

This is what we heard.

#1 Immersion in Somnium Space is unparalleled and simply needs to be experienced. While this in and of itself may not be enough to keep you there, members that we talked to are unanimous in their verdict. Jumping into Somnium blows your mind.

#2 In Somnium Space you will make new friends, guaranteed. It has to be said, Somnium Space’s slogan ‘social, persistent VR world’ is far from a hollow promise. People meet up, build, share and have fun. That everyone is in the same continuous, persistent environment is a perfect catalyst for hanging out together, visit each other’s parcels and builds and indeed, for making new friends as well.

#3 In Somnium Space you will have tons of fun. Whether you are looking for playing games, attending live concerts, dancing the night away in clubs, hiking the countryside, paddling a kayak, Somnium has it all!

#4 In Somnium Space you can earn money. The foundation is in place for a thriving digital economy. Not only does Somnium have its own in-world currency – Somnium Cubes – but anything you create can be tokenized and registered on the blockchain and is fully owned by you. You can create and sell avatars, homes, furniture, art, you name it. There are many more opportunities. What about opening galleries, clubs, organizing live concerts, giving tours or monetizing your parcels in creative ways? Want to be a land owner? In the Somnium Space VR store on OpenSea you can find parcels for sale.

#5 You are becoming part of history. Somnium Space is the dawn of the true Metaverse. Years down the road people will look back and point at Somnium Space; that’s where it all began. Wouldn’t you want to be part of that?

#6 In Somnium Space you can unleash your creativity from the comfort of your own home. That’s absolutely true. Somnium is a platform that allows you to acquire new skills, create, build, share, monetize. And all this by just putting on a VR headset!

#7 With Somnium Space you can escape rainy days and enjoy a beautiful day, any day! Well that’s true as well! And even though it’s a virtual sun with accompanying blue sky, it looks so real that not smiling is harder than you think. That’s the power of immersion.

#8 In Somnium Space everyone is an architect. Yes, indeed, anyone can build the most awesome structures using the easy to use Builder tool. Even if you do not own a parcel yourself you can use one of the available test parcels. And while you are designing it you can jump right into VR and visit it.

#9 In Somnium Space you can pet bears and swim with an octopus. It’s true! It’s like going on a wildlife trip. Somnium Space has put a lot of effort in this aspect of their VR world. It’s full of animal life. Next level immersion!

#10 Where else can you meet a founder and CEO of a company, play bowling with him, visit a planetarium together, chat with him about the weather and make feature requests? In Somnium Space you can! Somnium Space is Artur Sychov’s brainchild and more often than not you find him in the VR world he and his team created. And he is always up for a chat. If he is not in VR, you can find him on Discord. Do not hesitate to say hello to him or anyone else in the Somnium Space community!

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