Press Release: The Somnium Explorers Club

On the auspicious day of Wednesday 04 08 2020, a new and ambitious group will be formed.

The Somnium Explorers Club

This group exists to promote exploration of land, sea, air and space.

The first Somnium Explorers Club meeting

Date/Time: April 8th, 11:00 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)/April 9th, 8:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

With these guiding principles in place our goal is to explore, document and potentially understand the uncharted continent of Somnium Space. These areas of terra incognita call to explorers, asking nothing more than time to create new experiences, new memories and new friends. Areas of darkness must be illuminated, areas of mist penetrated, areas of change documented. We will go forth and boldly plumb the deepest depths, climb the highest heights and track the ongoing changes to our evolving digital world.

To this end we gather as a group of friends, peers, and explorers one night/day a week to go forth and boldly find things unseen before.

As our world grows it changes, as it changes it must be documented, therefor in the spirit of other brave groups of explorers over the centuries we go forth investigate and return and contemplate and share what we found. Each one of us is a part of our growing world, and as such share an interest in the far corners of our dense, evolving and complex world.

So, fellow explorer to be, I invite you to our inaugural meeting tonight Wednesday the eighth day of the fourth month of the year twenty twenty where we will shall meet, discuss, and then explore!

And in closing, for those who to return over the weeks to come there will be… benefits.


Sasha (aka @AltVRat)

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