Somnium Explorer’s Club: Eastern Shore Expedition

Somnium Explorer’s Club: Eastern Shore Expedition

by AltVRat

Three weeks after the inaugural Somnium Explorer’s Club meeting we have achieved another milestone. The most explorer’s in one expedition! With new features being released, land auctions heating up and growing interest from mainstream blockchain/crypto fans Somnium is showing solid growth.

After a quick Birb appreciation gathering (beta testing the custom avatar system) in the main square our intrepid group of explorers set off to plumb the depths off the Eastern Shores.

A quick water crossing at night (always a bit spooky) brought us out on the main island next to Snakey’s excellent Museum of London History where he gave us a quick lesson on the Cutty Sark tea clipper. I didn’t know that she was capable of 17 knots and was almost a planing hull! Hence the term “clipper” because she actually clipped the waves. A few minutes of taking in the views and free climbing the outside of the museum by MajorBeercules we continued east.

Next we looked in on Carlo’s neon cyber suburb and a cool Tron bike sitting all alone by the waters edge before plunging back into the inland sea and heading to the next island. Here we enterede the Cube of Conspiracy an ominous black cube at the eastern shore. A very eerie build indeed with dark secrets and hidden galleries. Enter there if you dare! After a quick scouting mission inside we kept looking for something a bit lighter to the east.

Next on the horizon was the Liberland 5th Anniversary plaza with a commanding view of the mountains and islands. It felt sadly empty without all the diplomats and crypto folks in residence though.

Somnium explorers are not afraid of heights.

With nothing left but the mountains ahead we plunged onward soon to be rewarded by one of the most challenging climbs in Somnium leading to amazing views, skiing and tree climbing!

Off the back at the far eastern edge of the continent we found amazing quiet locations for a bugout estate or secret bunker and a single lonely tree. The gorgeous elm provided a lively discussion on the various ways of doing trees with colliders, cylinders and other Unity esoterica.

Finally the edge of time and space loomed ahead and after investigating the fun of floating point jitter, underground lakes, and ways to create Easter eggs we reluctantly bid each other goodbye with a final admonition to “Don’t forget to reset position!” we each went back to our analog lives.

As I walked home through dew wet grass, sound of wind in the trees and a few stars overhead I realized that sooner than later many would live half (or more) fully embodied in digital reality and they would be richer for the opportunity. How can I say that with such certainty you might wonder?

Because, memories of the Eastern Shore Expedition are now in my mind as real as any other and filled with fun, laughter, serious moments, good conversation and friends from around the world. And that dear reader makes me richer as the dew wets my feet on route to bed.

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May 1, 2020

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  1. Come to the next one in 2D or VR 23:00 Wednesday night pacific time or 08:00 Thursday morning CET

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