Maxima and Somnium Space: Real Estate meets Virtual Real Estate

Maxima and Somnium Space: Real Estate meets Virtual Real Estate

Take Maxima, one of Czech Republic’s largest real estate companies and Somnium Space – leading, Ethereum blockchain based virtual reality platform – and you’ve got a perfect match.

To understand why, you need to understand what makes both companies unique.

As far as Somnium Space is concerned, they offer an open and persistent virtual reality platform; an uncharted territory into which many real world businesses can create extensions of their already existing business models. There are several reasons for this, but a key element is that Somnium has focused on a single spatial environment – an entire world – with second to none immersive qualities. It is a place where people want to be, hang out, socialize, buy land, build, do business.

Maxima is a real estate company in the Czech Republic and one of the very first businesses that understands their real world expertise can be extended into virtual reality.

Somnium Space offers land on which people can build structures including but not limited to homes, offices, galleries and museums. These people will own what they build, which is another fundamental quality of Somnium Space, and can freely decide to sell, with or without the land the structures stand on. Or rent out. Other people will opt to purchase rather than build. Yet others prefer to rent. Sounds like the real world, doesn’t it?

Virtual doesn’t mean it’s not real. Maxima understood this, partnered with Somnium Space and will soon start offering their expertise and services in-world, such as:

  • Renting of Somnium Space VR parcels
  • On demand professional architectural services for VR land owners
  • Brokerage services connecting premium buyers and sellers inside Somnium metaverse

These are exciting times for business. The true dawn of the Metaverse has arrived and there is a great deal of anticipation surrounding it. Many new opportunities, some yet to be discovered, will see the light of day. One thing seems certain though: With Maxima joining Somnium, finding and purchasing land as well as building exclusive homes in Somnium Space will be easier than ever.

Welcome to Somnium!

May 2, 2020

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