Somnium Space At Your Fingertips, Right From Your Web Browser

Somnium Space At Your Fingertips, Right From Your Web Browser

Somnium Space continues to raise the bar with the announced release of Somnium Space WEB, which allows you to access parcels from any device. You can load parcels and join the action instantly, directly from the Web via unique parcel links (URL’s).

And what is best, it is not some stand-alone isolated experience. It is fully integrated and you will be able interact with the parcels and everyone who visits, even those who joined in VR.

Let us give an example how this could be used.

Imagine you are at home and using your PC or laptop to design this awesome new crypto art gallery for your Somnium Space parcel. You will use the Somnium Builder tool for this. When you are done you upload it, put on your VR headset and jump right into Somnium to visit your brand new gallery. You are pretty happy with the result and all the tokenized art pieces that you have placed on the various walls. You verify that those art pieces are properly linked and can be purchased directly from within VR.

You then take your laptop to visit this great new coffee place that recently opened. You are dying to try their new caramel latte. When you are there you order your coffee and find a good spot for you to work a bit on your laptop. You fire it up, open a Web browser and use your parcel link to jump onto your parcel with the art gallery. You are happy to see there are several visitors checking out the art. You greet them and explain them about your inspiration for the crypto art and that more great pieces are on their way. One visitor is in a hurry and has to leave but not before you and her have agreed to meet again a bit later that same evening.

When the time for the meetup approaches you take out your smartphone. You are in transit and do not have your laptop with you, but that’s no problem. You jump to your parcel in the Web browser and see your guest has already arrived. You continue your conversations from earlier that day and are happy learn your visitor is interested in a particular art piece. She settles the purchase on the spot and promises to come back soon again to look at some more pieces.

Access to Somnium Space and your art gallery using various devices and methods is not only extremely convenient and smooth for you, but it also allows for a great visitor/buyer experience. You can jump in any time from anywhere to assist. And your visitor/buyer can visit at his/her convenience.

Somnium Space is at your fingertips no matter where you are. At home you may opt to use your VR headset, at a coffee place with your laptop you may decide to enter 2D mode using the 2D client or directly jump to a parcel using the Web client. And when you are on the go you just take your smartphone and jump to parcels with the built-in browser.

Real-time Voice

As mentioned, the Web client is fully integrated and real-time voice enabled, meaning you can hear people on your parcel and they can hear you, no matter in what way you joined, via VR, the 2D client or the Web client.

VR Home Page

Now, let’s take this a bit further. Because each parcel has a unique link, it is very easy to imagine you bring this into a VR home page, which will be indexed and searchable.

To continue with the previous scenario, you could have a home page to market/promote your Somnium Space crypto art gallery. Your page will be indexed and people will find and visit your website, happy to see they can directly jump to your virtual gallery and discover all the awesome art your have on display.

Some of your visitors – those who own or purchase a VR headset – will surely remember you and come visit your gallery once they immerse themselves in Somnium Space.

Somnium Space, widening and deepening

Bottom line? Expect a significant influx of people visiting Somnium Space. Together with Somnium Space Worlds, a revolutionary new feature that will allow the community to plug in customer developed virtual worlds and experiences, the new features increase the already wide array of possibilities while at the same time lowering the threshold for joining and enjoying all the goodness in Somnium Space.

We’re truly at the brink of a new era for Somnium Space. Developments and possibilities are accelerating; there are even more reasons to be excited about what’s already possible and what is ahead. The experiences are widening and deepening.

If you do not yet have a parcel for building your own little immersive corner in the Metaverse, then this is the time. And there is a great opportunity…

Secondary Land Offering

During the Secondary Land Offering (SLO), which starts November 1st, 2020 and runs until December 18th, 2020, Somnium Space will put a lot of new parcels (and Somnium Space World tokens) on sale on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

So get ready, prepare your crypto wallet, connect it to OpenSea and keep an eye on the Somnium Space VR assets on sale!

See you in Somnium, either via VR or the new Web client!

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Somnium Space Interactive Map

October 24, 2020

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