Secondary Land Offering

News flash: Somnium Worlds Trigger Record Sales on Second Day of Week 1

November 3rd, 2020: Day 2, Week 1 of the Secondary Land Offering (D2W1 of SLO)

The excitement level on the second day (of the first week) of the Secondary Land Offering was up several notches compared to the first day. We witnessed some intense bidding, several record transactions and some great deals by those who joined.

Obviously, not everyone walked away with with a parcel or Somnium World, but the Secondary Land Offering will run for a total of 7 weeks. There are many opportunities to find and buy what you are looking for.

The most desired asset of the day turned out to be an XL World, which triggered some spectacular bidding. The price landed on an astonishing 60 ETH (around USD 23.000).

The two other Worlds on auction, an M World – Founders Edition (FE) – and an S World landed on 38 ETH and 21 ETH respectively (around USD 15,000 and USD 8,000).

Parcels went for more modest amounts, although one XL parcel topped the chart with 15,5 ETH (around USD 6,000).

Some of the best deals were related to parcels listed in Somnium CUBES. One XL parcel sold for 6,851 CUBES, roughly equivalent to 5,3 ETH (USD 2,000). This again supports our previous statements that money can be saved and good deals can be made if you get yourself some Somnium CUBES.

Total sales on the second day: 195 ETH, roughly USD 75.000

The Secondary Land Offering or SLO is a 7 week period during which Somnium Space puts 350 parcels and 70 Somnium Worlds on auction.

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