Secondary Land Offering

News flash: Somnium Space Secondary Land Offering – Off To An Amazing Start

The first day of the first week of the much anticipated Somnium Space Secondary Land Offering was a fascinating spectacle yesterday. Week 1, as the name reveals, will run for several days, but for some assets the auction expired already after the first day.

It was fascinating for several reasons. First of all, the parcels on sale this week are in an attractive area not far from Somnium Waypoint. Such parcels are usually in high demand as they are expected to attract the most traffic as opposed to parcels a bit further away.

This fact resulted in some great bidding.

However, it didn’t mean prices were out of reach for your average Somnium dweller. Some assets were obviously in really high demand, but it was great to see that even those with a more modest budget were able to walk away with some awesome parcels.

PRO tip: Get yourself Somnium CUBES (or DAI) for some of the best deals. Most people will have ETH in their wallets, giving you a bigger chance to obtain assets for a really good price.

Another reason this was a fascinating first day was the first ever Somnium Space World on auction. If you do not know what Somnium Space Worlds are, head over to this article: Somnium Space Worlds: Forging the Future of the Metaverse

In short, the feature ‘Somnium Space Worlds’ is a game changer, allowing the community to plug in custom developed VR worlds and place portals to those on their parcels.

Yesterday, the first M size World was on auction. It sold for 15 ETH, which must be considered a very good price, considering the mind blowing utility (and scarcity) of the asset.

But this was only the beginning. Make sure to tune in again today for another round at the auction!

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