Somnium Space: Changing the World

Somnium Space is carving out the way to the true Metaverse. This VR world’s unique features and immersive qualities are already impressive, but the company continuously demonstrates it is committed to drive the platform even further and deliver on the Metaverse promise. They provide the environment and the tools that allow the community to explore, discover and develop revolutionary new use cases. And it’s use cases any platform needs.

So while the platform sets the tone and direction, ultimately it is the community that shapes the world of Somnium Space.

In this context, Somnium Space Worlds can be seen as a cornerstone feature. With Somnium Space Worlds users will be able to extend the platform by plugging in custom developed immersive experiences. Those who own a World asset can place portals to those experiences on their parcels and visitors will be able to walk right into them.

The ability to create worlds is a bit like VRChat, but a key difference is that the limited, non-persistent Hubs (or lobbies) from VRChat do not exist when we talk about Somnium Space Worlds. Rather, the entire, persistent VR world of Somnium Space is the Hub that connects all experiences that the community chooses to develop and make accessible via their parcels. This can be easily illustrated in the way shown below. In the middle we have Somnium Space via which other, user developed, experiences can be accessed.

So here you are in Somnium and enjoying this wonderful immersive world and the next moment you walk onto someone’s parcel and you enter another parallel (virtual) reality. If that doesn’t smell like Metaverse, then what does? The sky is the limit and creating new worlds will be easy using the Somnium Unity SDK. We sense an abundance of fantastic opportunities, including monetization use cases.

The company has announced that 70 Somnium Space Worlds will be put on auction during the current Secondary Land Offering. More may be added at a later stage – late 2021 at the earliest – but for the next many months there won’t be any new Worlds.

Somnium Space World tokens

If you’d like to develop your own immersive world, all you need at this stage is a Somnium Space World token. They’re put on the Somnium Space VR marketplace on OpenSea as we speak.

This brings us to another fundamental aspect of this new feature. Somnium Worlds are blockchain (NFT) tokens just like any other NFT asset. In other words, you can develop your world, place it on your parcel for people to enjoy or put it on sale on OpenSea.

Soon the feature will go live and by using Somnium’s Unity SDK you can create whatever you like. The Worlds come empty. Only your imagination sets the limit. And oh yes, each token comes with a storage space. Small Worlds have 75 MB, Medium Worlds 200 MB and XL Worlds 500 MB. Special Founders Editions offer additional space.

We’re in week #2 of the SLO and the Worlds currently on auction are shown below:

Secondary Land Offering

To know what’s on auction week by week, check out WEEK BY WEEK: Secondary Land Offering (SLO)

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