Somnium Space and the Art of Flying

Somnium Space and the Art of Flying

Have you ever folded a perfect paper wing? A little wonder of aviation? And thrown it from a building and watch it smoothly circle down and gently land on the pavement below? Have you ever imagined folding one so big that it would be able to carry you?

Maybe you haven’t, but I have. When I was a boy. I folded millions (well maybe not millions, but definitely thousands) of paper planes and “launched” them from buildings, bridges and trees. Most of them prematurely plummeted straight down, but every now and then I experienced pure paper-plane glory. Time stood still those seconds, as I watched the plane, my plane, carried smoothly by the air and wind until it landed perfectly and brought everyone safely home.

Well, some things are just not possible.

Until Somnium Space released Air Gliding. And what’s great, you do not even have to fold a paper plane. You just spread your arms, jump and circle down. Like wingsuit flying, but without the suit. Can you imagine my excitement when they announced it?

In the video below, Artur Sychov – founder and CEO of Somnium Space – along with a few Somnium Space members jumps off the Somnium Space HQ.

The sensation is so real, especially if you jump off a mountain and you see the steep mountain slope disappear below you. If you’re high enough you will have enough airlift to fly for at least a minute.

It’s an amazing feature, which puts owning a parcel near the mountains in a completely new perspective. Not only do they offer some great views, they are now also the perfect starting point for an evening (or morning) flying routine.

A flying routine. In Somnium it is all possible. I think the boy in me has awakened.

You do not need a parcel to enjoy all the goodness Somnium Space has to offer. However, with a parcel you can unleash your creativity and build whatever you want. Perhaps a mountain lodge where people can gather and socialize after jumping off the mountain?

If you want to get hold of one or more parcels, make sure to check out the Secondary Land Offering which runs until December 18th, 2020. There are lots of great parcels available.

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November 12, 2020

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