Oly: Multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and DJ going virtual in Somnium Space

The other day, independent singer, writer and musician from Las Vegas Lianna “Oly” Sylvan threw an unforgettable virtual release party in Somnium Space – the open, persistent and blockchain based Virtual Reality world – sharing the smashing, hypnotizing new track “Virtual“, a collaboration between Oly and @partnative_

“Virtual” on Spotify

Reason for us to catch up and have a chat about her music and inspiration, plans for the future and whether some of those plans may involve more great performances in Somnium Space.

But first things first. Oly was born into a large musical family and into music early on; At the age of 16 she appeared on the Oprah Show with her Sister Anora, performing a song they had written together. She has studied musical theater, guitar, and piano. Today, Oly writes and records EDM music and pop songs with her music appearing on charts.

She also collaborated with the highly recognized DJ/producer Rain Man on multiple occasions. Productions include the captivating, melodic pop-crossover “Bring Back the Summer” and the recently released “Still Young“, a track with a goosebump-inducing vocal performance from Oly.

Oly is a very talented artist and the excitement was going through the virtual roof when she streamed her beats right into the club that was specially prepared for the occasion by Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space. It may very well have been the most epic dance party in the Metaverse to date. And if there ever was an occasion that would make avatars sweat, Oly’s virtual release party must have been it.

Welcome Oly, that was an epic set. Everyone danced their virtual bodies off. How did you pull off this show in Somnium?

I made my avatar with the readyplayer.me generator by @getwolf3d and Djembe (Dragonfire, live musician in Somnium Space) helped me assemble it in Unity while Denevraut worked on the DJ/deck animation and Artur (Sychov) designed the stage. All in little more than 24 hours!

Can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself? What is it that drives you as an artist?

I love connecting people and with people, especially creators, and seeing what experiences/projects develop. I personally try to use my creativity to express and encourage connection with each other and our innermost selves.

You studied guitar and piano and on your YouTube channel we can find some amazing solo performances. Just you and your guitar. But EDM is also something you love and you have some really cool productions out there. When did you develop this interest in EDM? Or have you always been attracted to it? And do you have some artists/DJs who inspire you?

I did start studying music classically and went to college for theater and dance. The way Queen integrated theater and music has always inspired me since I was little.

When I was growing up, my dad always listened to Motown and James Taylor, which made some of the most iconic pop songs in my opinion, and my mom listened to classic rock, so those classics always inspired me songwriting-wise. I always wanted to sound like Julie Andrews, but also like Whitney Houston

When Lady Gaga, also influenced by classical music and theater came out with dance/pop, I was really inspired to experiment with production and electronic sounds. She is really a huge role model for me. She made it cool to be weird/different.

I was always a weird kid stuck in a imaginary world, so music has always been my way to relate to people while still being totally in my own la la land. It is easier for me to write something and sing it in a song than speak to people in real life. Seeing my music make people dance or touch them in some way makes me happier than anything.

I am always inspired by anything out of the box and excited to experiment in any mediums involving music.

What do you think of Somnium Space?

I really believe Somnium Space is a real time demonstration of creators and collectors from all over the world, who might not otherwise meet, coming together for unforgettable experiences. As the world gets better access to wifi, Somnium will exist as an example to make humanity more peaceful and collaborative – improving our relation to each other and also to earth and science as a result.

That’s so cool. Will Somnium citizens be able to dance to your beats anytime soon again?

I would love to do this again! I stream on Twitch every Sunday at 5pm PT. I don’t have property in Somnium yet, but I’d love to set up a weekly thing somehow. Actually, I am currently organizing my studio so I can do a full live concert soon with piano/guitar/and decks. I am envisioning my actual body inside Somnium.

Oly ignites the dancefloor in Somnium Space

Thanks a lot Oly for taking the time and until next time in Somnium!

Links to Oly

Oly’s website: https://olysounds.com/

And remember to tune in on her Twitch stream, live every Sunday at 5pm PT.

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