Pax & Friends: The First ‘Late Night’ Talk Show in the Metaverse

From Pixels Peak to Lonely Diver Mountain, put your hands together for the host of Pax & Friends…..Pax! This introduction at the beginning of the new talk show in VR in Somnium Space marks a significant milestone. Recorded at the Somnium Times HQ on the northern shores of Deep Oasis Lake, Pax & Friends is first, unique and demonstrates that late night style talk shows are the next thing to enter the Metaverse.

About Pax

Pax was raised in Chicago and now lives in Las Vegas, USA. He grew up watching TV & movies, playing basketball and playing video games. Pax is a bit shy in front of the camera, but has always secretly wanted to be an actor or have a talk show. Here in Somnium Space, those dreams can become reality!

Pax is a natural. That much is clear from watching only the first few minutes of his new talk show. He connects with the audience and his guest with an abundance of humor, which makes you want to sit through the entire show. In this first installment he was witty – at some stage he mentioned that his fly had been open from the start of the show – asked some great questions to guest Denevraut – who turned out to have a great sense of humor as well – and generally just had a great time in the spotlights.

There was a hilarious moment when Oly suddenly appeared on stage after Pax welcomed the viewers to the first episode of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. But if Pax can pull this one off – which he clearly did – then who is to say that his next show in the Metaverse couldn’t be just that?


Production and Host: Pax (https://twitter.com/PaxVR)

Production and support: Olysounds (https://twitter.com/OLYsounds)

Studio: Somnium Times HQ

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