Welcome to Hotz House: A Platform for Artists to Truly Own and Monetize Their Creations

Welcome to Hotz House: A Platform for Artists to Truly Own and Monetize Their Creations

The Metaverse, Somnium Space, NFT’s, blockchain, crypto currencies. It may seem overwhelming for creators to enter this space. However, there is help on the horizon. Hotz House, founded by Metaverse entrepreneur Blake Hotz, is the perfect entry point for anyone who needs help getting started with entering Somnium, NFT creation and monetizing their creations.

What is special about Hotz House – apart from Blake’s expertise in this space and the unique services he offers to creators – is that it is deeply anchored in the community. By rewarding active, engaging participants with Hotz Bucks, Hotz House’s own ERC-20 utility token, community members can get access to assets created by Hotz House creators and other related assets. This includes, but is not limited to personalized music, event access and 3d assets.

Hotz Bucks give you access to a range of assets and services

Hotz Bucks will also give the owners advertising options. In short, owning Hotz Bucks can effectively put you in a vendor position for outside entities that wish to utilize the advertising space. All in all, a unique proposition that will benefit creators as well as the community, which will play an active and important role in getting the message out.

Advertising in Somnium Space


Hotz House offers a whole range of services for creators who wish to enter the wonderful world of Somnium.

Event Production / Management (Audio Visual)Personalized Music CreationCustom 3D AssetsIn-World marketing distribution management
Content Development (Videos / Advertising)Team Building and LeadershipProduction Education and TrainingHire HOTZ for Party Hotz

Community and Hotz Bucks

As mentioned, one of the pillars of Hotz House is the community. Their involvement is rewarded with Hotz Bucks, Hotz House’s own ERC-20 utility token. Hotz Bucks are currently only available to be earned by community members on the Hotz Discord or by owners of Hotz Scrolls, which are special Hotz House NFT’s.

Soon Hotz Bucks will allow the owner to purchase different assets, including advertising.

Blake Hotz


Everyone who has ever met Blake Hotz knows about his energetic, infectious enthusiasm. He strongly believes in what he is doing, which gives him an amazing drive. Not only in relation to Hotz House, but with everything related to Somnium Space. He is an active participant in the community and always ready to help out and/or offer his advice. Blake is also the host of the famous ‘What’s HOTZ in Somnium’, a weekly Somnium Times show in which he – in his own distinct style – walks us through some of the hottest news in the Metaverse in general and Somnium Space in particular.

Affiliates of Hotz House

October 4, 2021

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