Somnium Space on Oculus Quest
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Somnium Space on Oculus Quest

A few days back, Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, gave us glimpse of the native Oculus Quest app on his Twitter account. The app is due soon and will without doubt get more people to dive into Somnium in VR mode; people who have the Quest, but for whom a tethered solution with a high-end gaming PC is not an option.

To all VR enthusiasts and Metaverse travelers, new and experience alike, we can now be the superheroes of our stories. Clean out your basements, man-caves, woman-caves, studios, and box up your gadgets you think you need on your daily missions. Why? Somnium Space will make immersing yourself in VR and traveling the vast expanse of the Metaverse a whole lot easier. Before long, the company will release the Oculus Quest app, allowing anyone to explore Somnium Space in VR mode with nothing else than a stand-alone headset- Oculus Quest.

The ‘Launcher Home’

Artur showed us what appears to be the lobby or launcher home. This standalone app will be all you need to save the day and start your daily mission correctly. Once released, this place will be where you will have everything at your pointer-tips.

The development preview shared by Artur.

Some of the features of the – let’s call it launcher home for now – include: A big screen that will show you the same launcher that you have been accustomed to but you will be free to walk around within the confines of your refuge. There is also a free-floating QWERTY keyboard that you can use to execute commands and which can be typed on by hand or with a pointer.

A raised hexagonal platform visualizes your superhero suits… err… avatars in a T-pose. You can select them from a big screen and choose the one that fits the mood you are in for that day.

Other platforms showcase parcels and WORLD NFTs. With this you can check your own or popular parcels even before jumping into the world. What’s more you can preview WORLDs. We can even see Artur peer into a building – it appears to be his very own Genesis VR crypto art gallery – and walk right through it. This feature will allow you to inspect and get a feel for builds from the comfort of your (launcher) home, before jumping into the world.

The native Oculus Quest will be a game changer, without doubt. It will reach a whole new segment; people who own a stand-alone Quest but do not have a tethered setup (using Link).

Somnium Connect 2021

We expect the alpha version of the native Oculus Quest app to be released at the end of December this year. But make sure to follow Somnium Space and Somnium Times for updates. And stay tuned for the Somnium Connect 2021 conference.

sCessions is a Somnium Space based freestyle rapper, host of Somnium Space VR SYPHER in @vrbassment / SIRVM

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November 28, 2021

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