Building Worlds Beyond Reality: The Visionary Game Developers of OMG Ultra
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Building Worlds Beyond Reality: The Visionary Game Developers of OMG Ultra

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Written by Anora

Picture this: An ultra-heated arena where people gather for a competitive and futuristic game, pitting two teams against each other in a bid to score big. The energy is up, the stakes are high, as two teams hash it out to score points. 

This is a common sight in Somnium Space, where the community often meets for a game of UltraBall. Just have a look at the recent game in the video below.

In an array of color with sparks flying within the bounds of the court, each teammate took their shot to score. Meanwhile, Oly provided upbeat tunes to keep the energy elevated and alive. A truly electrifying turn of events. 

A game of Ultra Ball

OMG Ultra

UltraBall is available at OMG ULTRA, a place that is dedicated to the thrill of combat within the digital space. Available in Somnium Space, it offers competitive, fun multiplayer sports, a true ode to excellence.

The venue boasts two so-called Somnium WORLDs: OMG ULTRA, with a variety of competitive sporting games to enjoy with your friends and family and OMG ULTRA BALL, the intense team versus team shooting arena game you see in the video above.

OMG ULTRA is the creation of Ultra Lord, a long time Somnium local, and is brought to you by Oasis Meta Games, developer of the much acclaimed OMG Engine, which powers both WORLDs available at OMG ULTRA.

Ultra Lord is a visionary game developer who wanted to create mind-bending games for existing community members and newcomers alike. He is always improving and optimizing, and strives to offer epic experiences within the gameplay, continuously adding new levels, maps and modes.

As for the games, among them are:

UltraBall! Arm your self in the Ultra Arena and shoot the ball into the other teams goal! An innovative shooter sports game invented in Somnium Space. Hone your aim and coordinate your team towards victory. You can watch The UltraBall Games LIVE every month.

The Battle Tubes! A vehicular combat game currently in development. Grab the artifact and carry it for as long as you can while avoiding your friends! Race and chase through the perilous Battle Tubes while avoiding obstacles and grabbing powerups! Carry the artifact for the longest and dominate your friends with your high score!

The Ultra Coliseum! A player versus player full combat experience! Battle your friends in glorious combat within The Ultra Coliseum! Choose from a variety of weapons and get clobbering! Get the high score through visceral close quarters combat!

The Sanctum! An amazing, immersive multi player RPG game.

In the space between the WORLDs, where one can take a moment of breath and regain strength for the next round of action in one of the arenas, we caught up with the creator and asked him why people should not miss OMG ULTRA.

With constant updates, events and games held every month OMG ULTRA is where the action is at! Visit OMG ULTRA today and revel in the pursuit of excellence!

These are the words of a man who is in constant pursuit of excellence himself, and strives to bring the best, immersive action to anyone who dares to enter OMG ULTRA.

Where to find OMG Ultra

OMG ULTRA is located at parcel 4634, right behind the Somnium Space observatory. From the city center, with the arcade hall behind you take a right and walk straight past the observatory until you get to OMG ULTRA.


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February 13, 2023

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