What It Takes to Become An Exceptional Builder using Web Worlds, and How Tuning Into SM Sith Lord’s Live Stream Will Empower You.
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What It Takes to Become An Exceptional Builder using Web Worlds, and How Tuning Into SM Sith Lord’s Live Stream Will Empower You.

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Written by Anora

“Even if you don’t know what a Vertex is, a UV, you don’t need to know any of that! Using the Somnium Builder you can build a whole bunch with ease!”

– SM Sith Lord

Somnium Space was once an empty canvas, with few structures and worlds to excite the senses. As time has ticked on Somnium has continued to grow and evolve, citizens within Somnium Space have added their architectural genius to make exciting contributions to the platform. One such creator goes by the name SM Sith Lord and has been deemed a sort of “building guru,” for his imaginative and wonderful contributions. His handiwork is felt and seen throughout the Metaverse with builds and creations making Somnium explorers’ heads turn as they travel.

An innovator, developer, gamer extraordinaire, some might even make the call that he is the DaVinci of Metaverse craftmanship, by his unique knack for building. Creating buildings with unique and exciting layers. From the foundations to the interior, exterior, and throughout, you can truly tell building within Somnium is a passion of his. You may have come across some of his workmanship in Somnium which consists of but is not limited to, the Villa, SolanartNFT HQ, a stage revamp on parcel 883, adding cross-metaverse portals in Somnium Web that allows users to jump to the Somnium parcels in Cryptovoxels, RC Racetrack, Gemini & Nifty Gateway virtual reality HQs, and Cyberpunk double-build on an XL parcel, to name a few.

RC racetrack

With all these credentials and accomplishments, it is easy to say he has taken his skills far beyond the next level and reached further outside of our boundaries of reality. Pushing the envelope to create a better experience for all, one such endeavor is his weekly Live Streams where this Somnium Web Guru jumps on twice a week to showcase his building method. During those live streams he will take you through his creative process of using Somnium’s Web Worlds SDK and it’s capabilities to create a parcel of his genius. It’s typically a two-hour live stream where you can dig deeper into what it takes to create an environmentally stimulating build. Viewers of the stream are taken from point A, all the way to Z, to see each layer be constructed to create the finished product. 

The stream is a kickback environment with calming music to set the tone for a creative scene. SM Sith Lord will pull up a sketch of his ideas that he plans to build, then turning on “Day/Night Cycle” so viewers can see the rising and the setting sun. Seeing shadows cascade over the parcel as the sun sets into view, showing that these magnificent structures take time. Sith Lord, will analyze the scale of the parcel, and see the perfect configuration for how the build will begin. A tool bar is in view; so we as the viewers can see exactly what tools this “Master Builder” works with. As the stream continues Sith Lord is actively commentating what he’s orchestrating so those watching are in the loop as he builds. Layers, textures, and neons are added. The environments begin to come alive. As you spectate you’ll see his genius unfold, and how ideas work and don’t work. The stream is relaxing and exciting with plenty to see and learn, with the added bonus of getting to know the creator himself. A Bob Ross of game developing, and an expert in the field. Rest assured you’ll get plenty of nuggets that you can take in your own parcel building.

Solanart Build

Tap into the chat to get direct communication and pointers from SM Sith Lord during the stream, as he keeps a live chat open throughout the event. Ready to answer any questions about navigating this Web Worlds feature in Somnium Space. The experience is the perfect way for Somnium builders and users to gain more knowledge and confidence when opening their toolboxes for sure. It’s a highly informative stream that encourages users to go out and build up their dream parcels.

Join the Live Stream

Interested in Somnium Space world building? Want to learn about what it takes to build up an epic parcel that can house an inter-dimensional highly immersive experience? Join in bi-weekly streaming events to learn the most about what it takes to create amazing Somnium Space builds using Somnium Web WORLDs. Truly enhance your experiences, and add your own genius to the platform. Become a contractor of sorts and build something incredible, or a build just for fun. Anything goes. All you need is an imagination and vision, some knowledge about where to begin, and if you keep your head on and your heart open you can create endless virtual reality builds. Broaden your horizons of parcel building and learn from the best, with live streams by SM Sith Lord. You’re sure enough to be on your way.

Links and Resources

Somnium Space website: https://somniumspace.com

Somnium Space on Discord: https://discord.gg/somniumspace

SM Sith Lord on Twitter: https://twitter.com/anarchyarcade

Work in progress: https://twitter.com/anarchyarcade/status/1621602296135307265

Visit a Web World: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/3388?elv=-0.9

For upcoming events, check: https://somniumevents.com


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February 6, 2023

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