Carrie Able: The Artist and the Museum
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Carrie Able: The Artist and the Museum

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Written by Anora

Within the depths of Somnium Space, an attraction in and of itself, lies a wide array of interesting destinations; destinations of brilliance and wonder. The platform allows users to not only participate in a VR community, but it truly cultivates a place where creators have ultimate freedom to express themselves.

At Somnium Times we make it our business to know the creators. One of them is Carrie Able.

Who is Carrie Able?

Carrie Able is a renowned multidisciplinary artist from Brooklyn, NY. A pioneer in XR Art, a Forbes Artist and Zero Space Creator grant winner she truly has let her art speak for itself. She has a range of artistic abilities from visual design, poetry (releasing her poetry book “Painted Poetry” in 2016), and music. Being a specialist in oil on linen paintings, her work has been exhibited in multiple real world museums, private collections, and even has been published in National Geographic Traveler. She’s a force in the genre of art and accomplishment as she appeared as a keynote speaker at Krista Elma Festivali and recently joined a panel at SXSW where she spoke on the future of digitally native art and music stating,

In ten years, artists who leverage these technologies will be more powerful than brands.

With a well rounded knowledge of the future and technology as it pertains to art and music she continues to delve deeper into these technologies and has taken on some major projects in the realm of Somnium Space. Showing that Carrie truly believes in the power of the Metaverse, she not only facilitates a space for artists by having a real world Carrie Able Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she has crossed realities and launched the Carrie Able Museum in Somnium at parcel 3430.

The museum and it’s purpose

The Carrie Able Museum in Somnium Space is a treasured capsule within the Metaverse for performances and art, showcasing the depths of human expression. We paid the museum a little visit and marveled at the masterpieces on display. Do make sure to visit this place for yourself, either in VR, 2D mode or via Somnium WEB.

The Launch Event

On March, 9th, 2023 the museum hosted its first event and Somnium meetup, the Carrie Able Museum Launch Party. Carrie’s opening remarks were those of gratitude for the platform thanking the Somnium Space Creators Fund for making the museum possible. She extended her gratitude to platform founder and CEO Artur Sychov and sent a special thanks to Somnium local Oly remarking

“thank you Oly for being such a brilliant creator, and visionary. Helping me with tech issues and any questions I had along the way.”

She continued to describe the art within the museum, as “virtual reality exclusives,” sharing a spotlight on the original masterpieces that call the Carrie Able Museum home.

The opening remarks were followed by enchanting musical performances by both Oly and Carrie.


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March 27, 2023

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