Somnium Space: The Games

Somnium Space: The Games

“Let’s play a game,” are words that bring smiles to so many faces. Games are a fundamental way for humans to interact. They provide many benefits for people of all ages, interests and abilities, they represent opportunities to practice and learn. Through games people fuel their imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities and emotional well-being. And it’s a great way to break the ice.

And while VR world Somnium Space as such is far from a game (calling it a game would be similar to calling a mall for a bookstore, just because one of the shops happens to sell books), games do play an important role in this ever expanding realm.

Imagine driving this VRACE beast in VR. If you buy one, you don’t have to imagine. You can jump right in and make the Somnium asphalt burn.

Somnium Space focuses on being an open, persistent, second to none immersive platform. The prime destination in the Metaverse. Users are given both the means and the freedom to unleash their creativity and implement a whole range of use cases, many of which we cannot even begin to imagine. Blockchain technology, at the very foundation of Somnium, will play an important role here, no doubt.

Gaming is a specific category of use cases that will see an explosion over the next months. Not only does Somnium implement games itself, such as the addictive Annihilator shooter game, it also provides fundamental features for games to be developed by users. The recent release of the Somnium Worlds SDK is proof of this. With this SDK, users who own Somnium World NFT’s can develop entirely new immersive experiences and plug them right into Somnium. They’re not limited to games obviously. They can create any immersive experience they like.

But one of the most fascinating aspects of gaming in Somnium is the advent of spontaneous competitions that users of Somnium organize. If Somnium Space adds the abilities to climb, glide and kayak in their VR world, then why not organize a triathlon with exactly those disciplines? The video below shows just how entertaining this is.

Not too long ago a spontaneous car race was organized in the streets of Somnium Waypoint, the central town in Somnium. And indeed, why not? Somnium had added the ability to buy and drive Somnium Space enabled Abyssus CrryptoMotors cars. You can’t do that without the inventive Somnium community burning some serious Somnium asphalt.

Car racing, now that we are talking about it, will without doubt become a dead serious, recurring competition in Somnium Space. A special race track is being constructed and many awesome new NFT, Somnium Space enabled, race monsters have seen the light of day on OpenSea. At the time of writing this article you can still get hold of one. Especially the VRACE brand, owned by Natural Warp and TheRealCyberpunk88 offers striking, must-own vehicles.

A striking example of what a VRACE car looks like. Each car in the Voyager X1 series has a unique paint job

A World Of Competitions

What makes Somnium Space so unique is not the fact that there are games – although playing games in VR in Somnium Space is a unique, second to none experience.

What makes Somnium unique is that it is a giant world where people meet, socialize, work and spontaneously invent games and competitions. Games, in Somnium, arise organically. They’re not pre-programmed experiences with a set outcome, even though all the tools are available for such experiences to be developed.

There is no doubt that gaming and competitions will become major aspects of Somnium. Not because Somnium Space, the company, embeds them. It is because the community, the users, want to play. That the immersive quality in Somnium Space is mind blowing will make any game, any competition, a joy to participate in.

The sentence ‘it’s not about winning, it is about participating’ holds true.

That’s the magic of Somnium.

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August 20, 2021

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