Jazz, Coffee, and Community at Woof’s Diner
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Jazz, Coffee, and Community at Woof’s Diner

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Written by Anora

Fun Fact: “Coffee is the fuel for modern success, it promotes productivity of the mind to further it’s abilities! Really, it just gives you the energy you need to acquire those much-needed breakthroughs!” 

The advancements in Somnium Space are forever pushing the envelope of technology far beyond the borders of what we thought possible in our physical world. Somnium is a force, a trend setter, and a Metaverse full of accomplishments. This statement is widely known and highly observed. Somnium is a platform to be watched for it’s world shifting abilities. Though in the same instance, it is encouraged to pause and relish the small pleasures it has to offer. Circulating right back to basics there are some things that will never be beaten! There are simple experiences in life that can truly warm and enrich the human nervous system.  

I will give you a moment to think of a couple… Let us take a stride and think of some common elements of life that most people enjoy, and when enjoyed together a spellbinding reaction is created… Just three things: music, coffee, and community! 

The aromatic beauty of a fresh bag of coffee beans, one of the simplest pleasures we will attain in this life! Assuredly to follow would be the musical melodies that dance right through one ear, resonating in the mind, and out the other ear. Lastly, to feel that experience of rich flavor of coffee, and the sweet sound of notes congregating together with another person is a satisfying rendezvous indeed! 

The Somnium community took it back to basics and enjoyed a cup of joe, and live music among friends. An event to celebrate a love for coffee, and stories to share. While even taking a dive into the history of the bean itself, along with each person sharing their favorite caffeinated concoction. Each person described their preference for the preparation of the drink. From piping hot house brew (black coffee) to the decadent frothy and creamy goodness of white mochas (white chocolate latte)! Which are all qualifications for happiness indeed! 

Moreover, the coffee was not the only element of the event causing a buzz. Somnium local, Oly, shared in some live jazz music with her piano to accompany her sultry voice; mesmerizing her Metaverse audience. With tunes like “Summertime,” by Ella Fitzgerald and more, coffee lovers were able to tap their toes and snap their fingers to melodic tones. Relishing the notes of music and coffee together! 

A true combination for the win. Just like that, three simple things of life come together dwelling within the most complex technological frontier around, to hold an event of simplicity and fun to celebrate the common joys of life!   

The event was held at Woof’s Diner in Somnium, located at parcel 4208. A recent addition to Somnium, “open late” with available lot parking!  


Somnium Times Social Media Manager, and singer/songwriter.
Connect with her on https://www.instagram.com/thisisanora/ and https://twitter.com/thisisanora

January 31, 2023

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