Road to SLO performing strong: Wrap-up week 9, Roadside and Calm Bay Area Parcels

The ninth week of Somnium Space’s Road to Secondary Land Offering (or Road to SLO in short) finished on Saturday, May 16th, after 3 days of Dutch-style auctioning of 30 parcels.

This week’s Road to SLO was a bit different from previous ones. Not only was the emphasis on Medium sized parcels (with some S and XL parcels on auction as well), there were also no estates on auction, which had become a bit of a tradition recently. Also, the parcels were situated in the far south-east of Somnium, in a very calm and secluded area. Never before in the Road to SLO campaign was the distance to Somnium Waypoint this big.

This didn’t mean the parcels weren’t attractive. Actually, the area in question is quite hilly and offers some truly spectacular views of the nearby bay and all the way to Somnium Waypoint.

It was interesting to see how the auction would go, but again all parcels (30 this time) were sold before the end of the auction period. Also, prices were largely in line with what users paid for parcels during previous weeks. All in all, Road to SLO keeps being highly successful and stirring people’s interest.

To check previous weeks, see first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth week of Road to SLO.

Prices per parcel confirm Somnium Space parcels are in high demand.

The Road to SLO is 10 consecutive weeks of parcel auctioning by Somnium Space. After the Road to SLO the company will announce the date of the Secondary Land Offering (SLO), which is most likely happening during the second half of 2020. If you want to know more and perhaps grab a few Somnium parcels yourself, check out this article:

Roadside and Calm Bay Area Parcels

The ninth week focused mainly on Medium parcels in the south east of Somnium. It is a quiet, attractive and rather hilly location.

Number of sold parcels

A total of 30 parcels were put on auction by Somnium Space and all 30 were sold before the end of the 3-day auction period.

The total amount spent landed on more than 114 ETH (~ USD 23.000) which is 3,8 ETH on average per parcel. Again, remember these were mainly Medium parcels.

Price for each parcel

The following chart shows the price per parcel.

Average Price per parcel type/size

The following chart shows the average price per parcel size. XL parcels’ average (7.3 ETH) is more than twice the average amount for Medium parcels (3.4 ETH). S(mall) parcels sold for an average of 2.2 ETH. These numbers are slightly below previous weeks, but that was to be expected for parcels further away from Somnium Waypoint. The overall impression is that people want parcels in Somnium, regardless of their location.

Total amount spent per week of Road to SLO

The following chart shows the total amount spent per week in the 10 week Road to SLO.

The total amount that has been spent after 9 weeks of Road to SLO is 1531 ETH (~USD 306.000).

Number of Parcel Holders

Number of parcel holders stands at 275 at the time of writing.

Rank on OpenSea

Somnium Space maintains its high rank on OpenSea ranks as far as total weekly transaction volume is concerned, which currently stands on 183.71 ETH (~ USD 37.000). This is good for an overall 3rd position.

Didn’t get a parcel this time around? Do not despair, the tenth and final week of Road to SLO is just around the corner!

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