Somnium VR1 Headset: The Epitome of VR Excellence
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Somnium VR1 Headset: The Epitome of VR Excellence

In a Medium post Somnium Space, the company behind the open, persistent, blockchain based VR platform with the same name, has given a development update for their highly anticipated Somnium VR1 headset.

The VR1 is not a small feat. Tireless dedication and innovation have gone into the development of the VR1, resulting in a production-ready design that is truly remarkable. What we can read in the Medium post is that the headset boasts several notable improvements in comparison to a CES model that was demonstrated early January, including enhanced structural integrity, improved optics, reduced weight, and an unparalleled level of comfort for extended use. The VR1’s unique and customizable 3D printed anchor points provide users with the opportunity for endless personalization options. Moreover, with fast 10 Gbit USB-C ports integrated into three of the four anchor points, connectivity and versatility are taken to a whole new level.

VR enthusiasts around the globe are thrilled by the prospect of a consumer headset that boasts the phenomenal specs Somnium Space promises to deliver.

Take the optics. The VR1 features a dual-lens aspheric module (2 lenses per eye-box), and offers a remarkable field of view (FOV) of 125° horizontally and 100° vertically. This wide FOV provides an immersive experience that is unmatched, making the VR1 an ideal choice for a host of applications.

Not only does the VR1 deliver an expansive FOV, it also ensures great optical clarity. Meticulously engineered lenses provide a clear and bright image, bringing virtual worlds to life with sharp and defined details. The VR1’s interpupillary distance (IPD) can be adjusted between 60 and 76 millimeters, making it one of the most versatile headsets available, catering to a wide range of users and ensuring ultimate comfort.

The VR1 features a high-resolution display with 2880 x 2880 pixels per eye, resulting in amazing graphics quality. The screen’s brightness, contrast ratio, and color gamut are meticulously optimized, offering one of the brightest and most vibrant images on the market. With refresh rates ranging from 90Hz to 120Hz, the VR1 delivers a smooth and comfortable visual experience, even during extended sessions.

Taking immersion to the next level, the Somnium VR1 includes state-of-the-art pass-through cameras and eye tracking technology. The pass-through camera system offers incredible stereoscopic capabilities, enabling seamless integration of the real world into virtual environments. The addition of an optional external LiDAR sensor widens the scope of applications, allowing for highly accurate 3D mapping of the user’s surroundings. Eye tracking technology tracks eye movements with precision, reducing GPU load and delivering a higher-quality graphics experience through foveated rendering. This advancement opens up new possibilities for mixed reality experiences, gaming, and virtual production.

Despite its impressive features, the VR1 remains lightweight and comfortable. The carefully balanced weight distribution, modern head-strap design, and memory foam components ensure maximum comfort during use. The face-mask, featuring a magnetic attachment mechanism, can be easily replaced and customized according to individual preferences.

Somnium Space’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality extends to the production process. The VR1 is fully designed, developed, and produced in the Czech Republic, adhering to the high standards set by EU regulations. This local production approach enables stringent quality control and ensures that every unit of the VR1 meets the highest standards. It also contributes to local employment and fosters growth in the region’s technology sector.

One of the aspects we should highlight is well is that the moment you buy the VR1 you own it completely. No longer will you be locked inside a walled garden, forced to use a specific platform or configuration. Thanks to its modular design you can customize the VR1 like you see fit.

What’s next?

Somnium Space will soon release more information about the VR1. It is expected that the first deliveries will happen in 2023.

To read the full story, refer to the Medium article:

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May 30, 2023

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